I will write a custom made, handcrafted, original song for you, specifically. I can incorporate names, events, family history and other specifics as well. It makes me a better songwriter and I actually really enjoy the challenge. Also, this is a totally unique, outside the box gift for someone who's got it all. Material things rust, but songs live forever. If you have a special event like a wedding, an anniversary, an engagement, a graduation, a birthday, or you want to etch the memory of a loved one who passed into a song, I can do it for you. Maybe you just want to have a song written for someone important in your life. I can even write a song about you. $750 for acoustic and vocals with harmonies and $1,300 for a fully produced song in any style or genre. Click the crest for a sample. Email me with questions.


MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION $1,500 / 2,500 / $3,500

A lot of musicians can't afford an expensive music video, but it's still an important calling card for the industry. I recommend that artists use crowd funding to raise funds for a music video and then choose a local director. That way you're not out of pocket too badly, if at all, and you'll be supporting another artist along the way and keeping it local. A low budget video can still be great if the idea is simple and the performance is stellar. Pricing reflects a one day, two day & three day shoot, editing is included in the price, as is writing, directing and producing as well. Also, there might be extra fees from renting a building or costumes or hiring actors but can be easily worked out. In most cases a finished video will be totally done in two weeks. Click the icon to see a sample. I didn't do the animation here, but I edited & directed the video. Click the "Sub My Channel" icon below for more examples.  



I will write the script, voice the words, film the footage and put together a quality commercial with custom music for your small business or service. This is an all inclusive service that will help you cut out the middle man. Essentially I operate as a one man advertising agency handling all steps from beginning to end. I can even handle hiring on camera talent, should we need actors. Often times, it's not even necessary, but it's totally possible. We can work together to refine the message and make sure we come up with an effective commercial to grow your brand. I will have a video sample for you shortly; I'm editing it and putting it together now. 


I will come and film your special event and then edit the footage and score it with my own original music. The final product will be a 3-4 minute music video with custom editing and footage from your personal event. Perfect for sharing on social media and posting online, it's short, sweet and unique; a nice departure from standard video work or typical wedding videos that tend to look the same. These always turn out great. I use tight editing and quick cuts that move with the music. Perfect length for watchability, ease of use and posting online. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Other regions are possible, but may incur some added costs.    


I was hired recently to score a full length documentary called "The Last Formula." It went so well they hired me to edit the film, write the script, narrate it and direct it as well. You can watch the entire documentary for free by clicking the vintage camera icon. I am available as an editor, composer, director, writer, & voice over actor as well. If you have a project that needs any one of these, or all of them, on a project, feel free to reach out and let me know what you have in mind. In The Last Formula, I was given the raw footage of interviews and built the film around the narrative that appeared  throughout those interviews. Let me know if I can contribute to your project and we can come up with an approach that works.