"I love working with the Byrdman" JOHN OATES 

"Geoff Byrd has a really impressive body of work" DARYL HALL 

"I love you man! We gotta do something in the future" STEVIE WONDER 

"Geoff Byrd is a goldmine & the band is tighter than a condom!" ISAAC HAYES

"Geoff Byrd is one of the most talented, new singer songwriters, period" PHIL EHART

"Stopped me in my tracks. The dude has magic that borders on spooky!" BENNY MARDONES 

"A tornado of soul especially when seen live. Geoff Byrd is an absolute Star!" (CAA) JOHN PLEETER



Stevie Wonder / Hall & Oates / Seal / Jurassic 5 / Eve 6 / John Waite / Billy Gibbons / Kansas / Michael Penn / Benny Mardones Gino Vannelli / Jem / T-Bone Wolk / Samantha Landrum / Jim Brickman / Anchored / Billy Morrison / Cory Lerios / John Oates ZZ Top / Jed Leiber / Danny Gans / Isaac Hayes / Dana Carvey / Pablo Cruise / Bryce Soderberg / Jimmie Haskell / Daryl Hall



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Billboard / Radio & Records / MSN / Washington Times / The Oregonian / Hollywood Independent / Music Connection / CNN Hollywood Reporter / Garage Band / Forbes Magazine / Cargo / San Diego Tribune / Ventura Star / CNet News / West Coast Performer / Goldmine Magazine / MTV news / Fox News / Willamette Week / The Portland Mercury / The LA Independent / LA Daily News / Unsigned Magazine / Two Louies / Guitar Player Magazine / United Airlines / Southwest Airlines / Yahoo news



* 1,000 Miles of Life written by John Oates, Geoff Byrd & Jed Leiber and Nominated for a Nashville Music Award in 2008 

* The most played song in the world on internet radio: "Silver Plated" rose to #1 for two weeks (Radiowave Monitor) 2005  

* Best Rated Artist of All Time awarded to Geoff Byrd from  garageband.com based on their all time song charts & reviews

* LIVE 365 RADIO "Internet Breakthrough Artist of the Year" (2004/2005) + Featured live performance for Billboard Magazine

* Toured as the opening act for Hall & Oates 2006 world tour + Byrd was the opening act for 50 shows in the U.S & Canada   

* Wrote "I'm In Love" for Samantha Landrum appearing on "Hometown" (2014) Sony Recording Artist Country Music Division  

* Co-Wrote "When It Snows" with Jim Brickman & sang lead vocals on the recording. The song reached #2 on the A.C. Charts

* Co-Wrote "Dirty In Texas" performed by Anchored which became a Top 20 Hit on the Active Rock Radio Charts in America    

* Co-Wrote  & Co-Produced "Over The Top" Which became the Theme Song for the TV show "Top This Party" on Lifetime TV    

* Co-Wrote "Unstoppable" which became the Theme Song for the popular TV show "Cheerleader Nation" for Lifetime TV   

* Co-Wrote "Far From Now" which became the Theme Song for the sport fishing TV show "Wanna Go Fishing" on ESPN2    

* Co-Wrote "Unsung Heroes" with the band Kansas, appearing on their album "The Prelude Implicit" as a featured single

* Wrote & Performed "Before Kings" (Geoff Byrd) which rose to the Top 40 on the HOT AC American Charts in (2004/2005) 

* Byrd collaborated in the studio with Gino Vannelli , singing back up vocals on 3 songs for his upcoming 2019 album release  

* Co-Wrote a national songwriting curriculum for young musicians called "Rock the Classroom" featured in 80 schools in L.A.   

* Geoff Byrd was asked to be an Artist Representative of The Grammy Foundation as a featured artist, speaker and panelist    

* Bachelor's Degree in History from Portland State University and Master's Degree from George Fox University in Teaching   

* Byrd taught Social Studies at Reynolds H.S. in Troutdale, Oregon & wrote "Americana: History of Rock & Roll in America"   

* Geoff Byrd is a film director, music producer, film editor, graphic designer, photographer, author, speaker and teacher   

* Geoff Byrd is a voice over actor and has appeared in several full length Documentaries, Movies and TV Commercials

* Byrd wrote, directed, edited and scored the full length documentary starring Jack Canfield called "The Last Formula"



     "When Portland singer Geoff Byrd got the chance to open shows for Daryl Hall and John Oates late last summer, he was excited. Then nervous. Then elated. The excitement came not only from the professional opportunity in sharing the bill with the most successful duo in pop history, but also because Byrd is a longtime Hall and Oates fan. The nerves came during Byrd's first performance, at the Greek Theatre in L.A. that Byrd calls "a tough place to play, but a really cool one. Man, it was packed!"  

     "There were three or four-thousand people there, it was sold out, and I was scared to death! That was the first time I'd played solo in front of that many people, and I was sweating!" But his set went well. Well enough to impress Oates, who told someone from the Creative Artists Agency, which had suggested the concert pairing, that he'd even like to try songwriting with Byrd. "Geoff heard that and he came right up to me and said, John, anything like that you want to do, wherever and whenever, I'm there" Oates recalled. In what Oates calls "a natural progression," the working relationship has grown. Byrd, along with pianist Jed Leiber, son of the songwriting legend Jerry Leiber, spent some time at Oates' Aspen, Colorado home writing songs like "1,000 Miles of Life." The song would later be nominated for a Nashville Music Award and appear on the Grammy Ballot.

     He's opened more shows for the duo 40 or 50 times by Hall's offhand count and now often joins them for encores onstage, helping sing such hits as "Kiss on My List" & "Private Eyes." "He's kind of become my protege," Oates says. The great pop/soul masters and their young apprentice hit Portland on Saturday for a show at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Afterward, Byrd, this time backed by his dynamic band, will play at Old Town club Dante's. For Byrd, the tour is a veritable classroom.  

     "Daryl is one of my favorite singers, and just one of the greatest in the world," Byrd says. "John's contribution is greater than I'd understood before: He does great harmony arrangements, plays terrific rhythm guitar which is really the crux of rock 'n' roll and is just a great, solid human being. And then there's T-Bone Wolk, my goodness! Just a legendary bassist; he's like the best of Paul McCartney meets James Jamerson." Byrd says he's picked up some tricks for how to maintain momentum from song to song during a show. But he's also learning just from proximity to such accomplished kindred spirits Hall & Oates.

     Byrd watches their set backstage every night. "I'm kind of a Brit-pop-meets-soul guy, I love Al Green, Mahalia Jackson, the Dixie Hummingbirds, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Tom Petty, and they love all that, too. Our true passion lies in the blue notes of the gospel tradition. "Hall, on the phone from his home in upstate New York, says he also sees Byrd as "part of that continuum through which rock, pop and soul have developed. I think he's going to get better and better as he matures, but he's got a great start and a really impressive body of work so far. He's a tremendous singer, a great songwriter, and also a very charismatic presence," Oates says of Byrd. "He's influenced by our music, yet I recognized that he has his own vision. So we're on the same page, but he brings a real youthful energy & a fresh perspective. I work with one of the best singers in the world, and I think I'm a pretty good singer myself, so I'm sensitive to singers. And what's great about Geoff is we can write something great, and then he can deliver it and take it to the next level. And that's very exciting for a writer." ~ The Oregonian / 2006